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Steve Taylor Life Coach

Masters level long-time counselor, mentor and clinician, whose focus is on recovery life-skills, and life coaching lessons for all ages. With an emphasis on the welfare of clients and families, Steve is a former member of the LAACOA board of directors, educator for the State of Louisiana court systems, teaching anger management, effective decision making, defense driving and changing alcohol behaviors in all judicial venues, including the City of Baton Rouge, Lafayette, the 15th Federal Courts District, and various statewide entities involving the re-entry of offenders from both the federal and state penal systems. Steve has written federal grants for “At-Risk” children and counseled within various school systems with K-12 students. He was successful in endeavors to offer alternative learning techniques utilizing arts and crafts to help elementary students learn to cope with life’s challenges and skills by allowing them freedom to develop talents far beyond their own expectations Steve was a very successful interventionist, operating his own business by helping over 200 people find treatment and recovery. He is a nationally recognized interventionist, having referred clients to over 50 treatment programs nationally, including special treatment for teens, mature adults, physicians and attorneys, business owners, educators from all levels, and clergy. Steve has written a number of outpatient syllabus for local hospitals, and treatment facilities, was engaged in the start-up and development of many recovery groups on a local and national level. He enjoys his time at the GROVE because it is a venue where the emphasis is on the entire recovery of the client, not just stopping drug abuse, but addressing needed life-skills to develop a productive lifestyle free from the burdens of substance abuse. Having over 3 decades of sobriety and Steve is a highly respected member of the local recovery community. He remains passionate about giving aid to those who struggle with recovery and life after recovery.


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