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Adam Singer (CIT) Male Counselor

Adam Singer is a native of Huntington, WV, and he has lived in Baton Rouge, LA for 5 years. He has been in recovery since 2014, and still makes a commitment to help others as much as he can. He has found that the most effective way to stay clean and sober is to focus on selflessness and to help others. Adam has worked in treatment centers since 2015, and greatly prioritizes the healing relationships that are a result of his work with clients. He practices compassion, empathy, sympathy, tolerance, humility, and honesty in his relationships with his clients. Adam’s clinical approach is to demystify 12-step recovery,
and to make it palatable and accessible to everyone under his care. He attempts to provide a safe and understanding environment for his clients to identify their core issues and to work through them without fear of judgment or condemnation, which he believes is necessary for long-term recovery.


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Admissions Available 24/7

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