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The Grove Recovery Residences

Our Recovery Residences provide abstinence-based housing. We’ve all heard “you don’t have to live that way anymore” about the awful mess of living in active addiction – we took that to heart when designing our accommodations. Our residences are built on community and help establish a strong foundation with all the support staff you need for successful sobriety.

Welcome Home

Sober Living with Peer Accountability

Each home provides ample room for residents to enjoy group activities alongside self-reflection and meditation. Houses are divided by treatment phase and gender and provide much more than necessary essentials for comfortable daily life. We have no private rooms because we believe isolation only leads up backward – all bedrooms house 2-3 residents so you still have space to call your own. Tours are happily given upon request.



Every recovery residence is fully furnished! Each resident will have their own bed, dresser, and nightstand. Bedding is provided, so all you need is towels. Every living room is furnished and kitchens are supplied with pots, pans, and dishes. We also provide cleaning supplies and paper goods. Enjoy quiet time in our outdoor seating areas!

Amenities & Activities

24/7 Staff Supervision

Accountability is the single most important standard at The Grove. As addicts and alcoholics, our lives consisted of very little or no accountability at all, which led to poor decisions and fueled our addictions. The Grove incorporates around-the-clock staff supervision in each of our Recovery Residences. Our Recovery Advocates are equipped with training and their own life experiences to uniquely understand the daily needs of other addicts or alcoholics.

Structured Living Environment

At The Grove, learning to live with structure is a huge part of the success our patients achieve.   Following a schedule each day keeps us from straying from our primary purpose, staying sober. Unnecessary free time is dangerous for us addicts and alcoholics – living a life with structure keeps us responsible. Our days are filled with purpose. We are always doing something to improve our lives and the place we live.

Job Preparedness

We all know that venturing into unchartered territory can be quite intimidating. More times than not, this is the case with alcoholics and addicts. We help our patients identify their own strength-based characteristics to increase the overall success of fulfilling long-term employment. Toward the end of Phase 1, each patient begins to meet with our life coaches for specialized counseling in resume building, job placement, interviewing skills, and more, with the goal to push our patients to achieve more than what society expects from a person in early recovery.

Furthering Education

Success begins with being prepared. Our belief is that a solid foundation in our recovery is one of the most important factors for an alcoholic and addict. That’s why our life coaches and social workers stress the importance of education and training. Much like “Job Preparedness,” our education staff works with numerous colleges and trade schools, helping patients arrange admission, compile past records, and navigate through the scheduling process for classes. Finding a new passion in life becomes much easier when you can see all the options.

Family Dinner

Fellowship is a HUGE part of recovery.  The Grove is very family oriented.  So on the first Sunday of each month, we combine those.  We serve lunch and all are welcome.  Good food, family, and friends:  What else could you want for a family dinner?


The stress of being able to get to meetings, job interviews, school, etc. is something of the past.  Between your roommates, The Grove’s shuttle vans and staff, we make sure you get you where you need to go.  Don’t let the stress of not having a ride get you down.  We will be able to get you where you need to go, when you need to go.  We are all in this together!

Admissions Available 24/7

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